Its hot enough to bake cookies on the dash…

for can…my new assistant “A-Cups” (boy… can i uncover hidden talent or what???) is doing it…

she says she has done this every summer… and she swears it makes her car smell like fresh baked choc chip cookies for the whole year…. not sure if i recommend it….but it IS working… and they are almost done…

  • get tube of cookie dough
  • place cookies on no stick cookie sheet
  • put cookie sheet on dashboard
  • park in sunny spot in august around 10 am
  • go to work
  • check on cookies at 3pm
  • eat cookies at 330pm

its that simple.. and im pretty damn sure you gain two lbs..just driving round in a car that smells that good…

so im thinking… we are quite a team..

with her cookies and

my milkshakes..that brings all the boys to the yard..

it may be a hot summer…. but who will notice with all these cookies and milkshakes????