Kevin Mitnick

this guy is my new hero crush..for today…but not for the obvious reasons…

  • not because he is like the father of all things hacker…that is kinda cute in an 80’s wargames way
  • not because he obviously has a lust for satisfying intellectual curiosity… and thats hot
  • not because he has a healthy wariness of all things government…and they are wary of him (rebels are hot)
  • not because he is soooo smart…that he scares people… smart …you guessed it… hot
  • not because prison gave him street cred…and now that he has gone legit … he runs his own computer security firm

nope… thats not why….

its because the dude…

has what is pretty much the undisputed card.ever


AND..he will send you one ..for a nominal two dollar charge …cash only please..(i love him)

Send your IP address and password to:
2245 N. Green Valley Parkway
Suite 411
Henderson, NV 89014

Due to countless requests for my business card, I now have to charge USD $2.00 to cover my cost for each card. Please enclose $2 cash only plus a self-addressed stamped envelope, otherwise you can attend one of my speaking engagements to obtain a free card. not sure i recommend sending the worlds greatest hacker your ip address…whatever… all you can get off my machine is porn..and im all for

but i think i will wait…i’d rather shake his hand and get one from him in person….im not sure when he will be in town…but..that is one of the good things about DC….eventually..

they all come….