hi sugarbabies….

i hope this post finds you hungover… and cuddled up with hot cocoa or maybe a dif. kind of hottie…

ive been completely uplugged from the world for a bit… it has been kinda great…kinda like rehab..at first i had the jitters and was kinda surprised at how unnerving it can be to not have hi speed access to the internets..or your blackberrry for a few days…and ….then you realize that your survival realllllly isnt dependant on that stuff…. and you enjoy some of the simple pleasures that the holidays can bring… being surrounded by family (you eventuallly learn to love both the good and bad bits of that!!) …..

so a quick list…(my OCD loves a good list) should catch you up on what a certain blond has been up to the last few weeks:

  • shopping shopping and shopping… i waited til the last min… so the only about half my shopping was on the net this year… yikes..ill try not to make that mistake again
  • a certain pro athlete has texted me about 40 times since i let him buy me a drink back before christmas eve….dude…  give it up…im not interested in being the jessica to your romo…and you a$$holes had BETTER beat the cowboys tonight or im deleting you altogether 
  • the freaking porn player ate another porn…and wont spit it out!!! it is down AGAIN!!! rrrgh…

  • A-Cups AND Hawaiian Tropic stopped by the office to share some christmas love…. awww…. a-cups is good …likes her new job…they evidently are not as flexible about her schedule as she hoped…but i think im the ONLY boss who doesnt care if or when you come in ….as long as everything is done and I DONT have to come in….. Hawaiian Tropic…. has moved in with her boyfriend in NC and because he “travels alot” she hasnt worked since she left me…almost a year ago… she is loving life… good for her…but…. i would soooo love to see her take care of herself… and not just skate by on being super gorgeous…. she doesnt give herself enough credit….
  • another reason to looove the holidays…. i had rum cake for breakfast – often
  • and oh yeah…vodka for lunch – often   (i find i love family more ….with  a teeny cocktail)
  • curled up with a few good books..and a fire…. was heaven
  • opened a reallly good bottle of champagne to help a friend celebrate 1 year cancer free
  • attended a funeral…. while sometimes sad… it reminded me to make the most of my time….and that is a good thing
  • attended some parties that were not as much fun as the funeral…soooo that says something about how you live your life…i hope that someday… my funeral is a real blast!!!

 i supose in summary: i ate too much, drank too much, spent too much, drove too much, worked too much, recieved too much, slept too much,

and basically decided that a life of moderation….. as nice as that sounds…

an argumant for excess..

just isnt gonna happen …. cause well…. im lucky enough to be surounded by some of the most generous of friends and family…and im not talking about money and things…..they are generous with spirit, time, hope, love, and self….. 

and welll sugarbabies…. if you find yourself drowning in the well wishes of others…the least you can do….

is paddle as hard as you can! 

 and this year while i may decide to pass on the peanut butter fudge…possibly the gravy…. please be assured that ill be having a double helping of hope and charity and faith (and not the ones on the playboy channel… you pervs..)….. and i hope you will too…

sooo cheers sugarbabies…..to exxcess… of the best sort..in 2008