if you are a blond sex kitten in french stilettos… dancing with a sooopa sexy tiny lil’ black girl — telling boys that you are “girlfriends” — doesnt do much to disuade them from trying to dance with you…


The GOOD Thing about living next door to a club:

if you run out of toilet paper at 3:30am… they will loan you a roll

The BAD part:

it will be one of those industrial sized rolls and will be kicking round in your powder room for years….

super size me...

and… the tradition of overheard in dc: or eavesdrop dc…except these happened to me:

1) from creepy dude with snotty attitude sitting on a fountain with large boa constrictor wrapped around him with the head coming up from between his legs and kinda swaying…

when my girlfriend was startled:

Creepy dude: “What youve never seen a guy holding a snake before??”

Me: ummm..yeah… ive seen lots of boys hold thier snakes…..just never one sooo small….

2) Cute guy friend as we are walking home from dinner:

my yoga instructor has been checking out my MATCH.Com profile…does that mean she is into me? (i dont know why this one struck me funny but it did…mostly cause my yoga instructors have mostly all been crazies…)

3) drunk girl digging in her purse for her ID handbag is like a warzone!!

4) lamest pick up line of the work week… from guy sitting next to me at a bar

this IS my “im available” outfit…is that your “im available” outfit??….

5) lamest pick up line of the weekend…from super young super prepster at THE Space

him : wow… you look smart

me: wow… you look drunk