oh sugarbabies…   a weekend is a terrrible thing to waste! whats that?? you dont have dinner plans?? no worries sugar…just follow these quick easy steps :

  1. get your hair done
  2. drop the top
  3. (this one  is important) …get lost in great falls ( where the median home value 1.5million)
  4. agree to buy lunch in exchange for directions back to DC
  5. forget your wallet (doh!)
  6. agree to make it up to him and buy DINNER …IF he ever gets lost in your neck of the woods 😉
  7. wait 24 hours for him to call saying he’s “lost” at the capital grille @ 6th and Pennsylvania
  8. agree to rescue him (and thank heavens you know a few of the staff so its not toooo weird that he somehow found your number -and trust me it aint easy-)
  9. pull a particularly sweet pair of pradas out of their box
  10. … let nature take its course….