oh sugarbabies…

i have to admit that the recession hasnt hit this  sex kittens industry as hard as i thought it might.. go figure…but i still know times are tuff… i can gauge it by the number of resumes that come across my desk … and while i know that most of you dont know what i do…and that some of you that do know what i do still dont quite know what i do.. let me tell you that CARTOGRAPHY (while very sexy) …well…just isnt what i do… so when the third resume in a month from an unemployed cartographer crossed my desk… i started to wonder??

what about me… says

“needs a personal map maker”

ok ok  not fair because truth be told.. im probably as lost if not waaay  more lost than the rest of y’all …. and well…we could go on all day talking about what a hopelessly “lost cause” i am.. its just…

i dont really care ….

…i dont mind not knowing where i am half of the time…

i wake up in strange hotel rooms all the time and… well…

where am i?

is not the first question in my head…not even close…

where is the coffee???? am i getting charged for that porn?? why am i naked on the sofa??  who is that???

allll cross my mind way before

what town is this??

sex on wheels has a wicked nav system…my new iPhone(s) have cool GPS apps…

but where is the fun in that?

and in the words of an old friend…. ok ok hes not THAT old..

“Half of my mistake i swear i should have known better

Half of my mistakes were just among friends

You get a little distance on it, the truth gets clearer

…and half of my mistakes i’d probably make ’em again”