yes its true detroit is still cold, gritty, and dirty…and i still love it….

and… if …last sunday i had to watch the redskins loose… from the front row  behind their bench (which means YES  i am writing off  this trip as a scouting mission for my “fantasy” team ) welllllll at least i got to be there when detroit finally broke their losing streak… their fans were generous…they know alllll too well what it’s like to be on the losing side..and frankly a few of them felt sorry for me…”christ its one thing to BE the detroit lions..and another altogether to get beaten by them” … the stadium held its collective breath during the last 8 seconds… fearing that the redskins would make some miraculous play (ha! like they hadent even seen us in the red zone alll season) and take away what they had been waiting for  sooooo long for… a win…

we’ve all been there…

not wanting to get our hopes up about something we want just a bit too desperately…. but despite ourselves…holding our breath hoping THIS time… it will happen …

if i had one wish for detroit… motor city……it would be time…that the rate of decay would mercifully slow down …as opposed to marching forward  exponentially faster… there was a razors edge of a moment before the bubble… when the chance  of a come back seemed possible maybe even close…but now that window has slammed shut soo hard that the panes have shattered…  and the city is bracing for winter…and… well sometimes its hard to find things to be positive about and it was hard not to notice that … the popular  gallerys that were swimming in hipsters and breaking artisits a few years ago are shuttered…soo maybe…having casino gambling will be the bet that finally pays off for detroit but who reallly knows?

what i CAN say about it though is this….

if hope comes in the form of barbeque….. and god knows we southern people think it does

then Slows BarBQ … may be the citys salvation…say what you will about the controversial  decision to build casinos… hey tough times… tough choices…but the true motor city experience is not the heavily guarded noisy palaces of  marble and  zebrawood veneer … its in the small community businesses…and the folks that run them … the independently run doggie daycare that welcomed alice so i could go to the football game … the mom and pop operations …the block party that is weekends at the Heidelberg Project….and a slow but steady crowd of regulars venturing onto the wrong side of the tracks for a barbecue place with a cold drinks, a warm welcome and hot food….


~Well, you’re windy and wild
You got the blues in your shoes and your stockings
You’re windy and wild, oh yeah
Well, you’re built like a car
You got a hubcap diamond star halo
You’re dirty, sweet and you’re my girl

Well, you’re dirty and sweet
Clad in black, don’t look back, and I love you
You’re dirty and sweet, oh yeah
Well you dance when you walk
So let’s dance, take a chance, understand me
You’re dirty, sweet and you’re my girl
~ T-Rex