sometimes its not what you do but who you do it with that makes things special…and sometimes when karma has you in her good graces… you get to do really great things WITH really great people and welll…

the stars have been aligning for me lately … or maybe it was the moon …that i usually call cruel… showing mercy to a blond with a soft spot for slightly chilly fall evenings with really warm friends…..

*the shrimp and grits over at the Argonaut is yummy… they do it spicy and cheesy…which is fine by me… ask Lenny the bar keep for a beer rec..he has a good handle on whats there and how it goes down…i suggest you arrrive in an old pick up truck even though the neighborhood isnt even scary anymore…and sorry if you missed the “Thriller on H” which was a community performance of the thriller dance… performed by assorted volunteer zombies…and sponsored by joy of motion(a dance school?) sooo the whole thing had me feelin like i was in a episode of Fame… but in a good way…

*halloween ha! thats its own post!

*the specials at Poste are sometimes more expensive than good and to be honest id have rather had a burger ….. but the company was good…the service was adorable…and by the time they poured the champagne our numbers had swelled from 2 to 6 and so i didnt reallly mind that i dropped three benjis on dinner and didnt even get laid…ok ok maybe i mind just a little 😉

*i may have discovered that it is easier to get to annapolis than georgetown from my place…no kidding two right hand turns…

*the booking folks at iota rarely get it wrong…(thanks to U. for the the heads up just the same) so yeah …i really enjoyed sneaking in just in time to catch Gregory Alan Isakov – i parked sex on wheels illegally right out back … sooo later im sneaking out the back door to check on her…and …  i cant quite get the gate to open… i turn to a fella there “is there a trick to this?” he smiled…”yeah you PUSH it… then when you want to come back in you PULL it” then he playfully tugged on a strand of  blond hair and said  “...guess cute as you are…you probably dont have to open many doors for yourself” … i smiled back… “only if there isnt a GENTLEMAN in sight” he bowed low and shoved open the door….. when i got back he was holding it again… “thanks love”  later a note on my car seat said he was available for running in front of me to get pesky things like doors… 🙂 …note passing seemed to be a theme that night… notes … and cellos…two diff cello performances in a week… who’d a guessed??… and the moon… ah yes the moon… wow …did y’all happen to see that big moon tuesday night???soooo

yeah…. a super special thanks to that big ole moon that saw me home safely this week…makes me think fall is giving spring a real run for her money this year…

i think GAI might have summed it up pretty well here:

Give me darkness when I’m dreaming                                                                      Give me moonlight when I’m leaving
Give me shoes that weren’t made for standing.
Give me treeline, give me big sky, give me snowbound,
Give me rainclouds, give me bedtime just sometimes…..