Me: honey i need you to return that Rick Owens dress i bought last week..

New Asst: ill take care of it no problem

2 hours later….

NA: ummm i cant find the receipt anywhere…ive searched high and low…

Me: i filed it myself … so it should be there…

NA: ok ill find it…

1 hour later….

NA:  i give up i cant find it

Me: where did you look?

NA: in the “Clothes” file and the individual credit card files..

Me: ahhhhhh its prob under “Gifts”

NA: Oh! i thought you bought it for yourself..

Me: i did buy it for myself ..but RICK OWENS  is not “clothes”  …love… Rick Owens is a “beautiful GIFT to yourself”…if we are gonna work together youre gonna have to think more like me….

NA: (under his breath ) you mean bat shit crazy?

Me: exactly…