“Quick…PATS or GENOS”

was my tweet to friends near and far…help with the ultimate cheese steak sandwich choice…  cause the lines were long enough that i wasnt gonna be able to do both as planned…


sooo based solely on a random food network review that i sorta kinda remembered that might have implied that GENOS was bit cleaner… i chose the bright orange storefront with what appeared to be an ever so slightly shorter line… after about 15 min i got an urgent cell phone call saying

“i hope to god you picked pats! its the bread… the bread at PATS is like a beignet”

…. but ive already been standing here… for 15 min… i whined back… and chose to stay …

i enjoyed my Genos Philly Cheese Steak.. but next time i think i will def  go to PATS.. not because

A)now ive already had Genos… or

B) the bread (i kinda liked genos bread)

more because the place had a weird xenophobic vibe… with alll of the

“order in english”

“we are in america so speak american”

signs everywhere  …. which was weird but ok with me as philly is kinda  notorious for insisting on a proper 3 word order for cheese steak


they started  mocking the Asian tourists in front of me… in Italian…

yeah i speak enough to know what you just said carmine

like there is a word for fucking CHEESE WHIZ in any other language…


Bread for myself is a material question. Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual one.  ~Nikolai Berdyaev