i used to be a muse…professionally… sometimes i still am… it doesnt pay what it used to … so when he asked me this time… i said

“make me an offer i cant refuse”…

“the water is salty and so are the margaritas” …

here we go again…..obvi


cardigan sweater

She looks into a security camera
she’d flash the motherfuckers but she’s late for the club
One’a the drag queens has been practicing her routine all week
‘Only reason she’s goin
is because that bitch has the fuckin cardigan sweater
and when that bitch steps off stage
she’s gonna rescue the cardigan sweater from that bitch
because some other bitch will freak out if that bitch fucks up
the fuckin cardigan sweater
Why the fuck that bitch left her fuckin cardigan sweater at her house
is unknowable
The bitch knows she hangs out with drag queens;
it isn’t her fault she’s got a bunch of 45s from the 50s
— what the fuck did she expect?
She stops smiling into a security camera
and waves
“Hi cutie” she mouths
“Hey she’s wavin’ at you man”
I step into the scene:
Let’s get outa here she says
Next day I dress her up in stiletto heels and that cardigan sweater
and chase her around her house with a wooden spoon
for the afternoon
Her wrists are crossed and tied to the bed-post now
“You look pretty fuckin good in a cardigan sweater,” I say
She looks through me
“Do me”

~poet to be named later