i went on a holiday but
i think lux and ivy said it best..

“i been a drag racer on LSD,

and i rode bare-assed on top of the shpinx,

i even had a gorilla on the slopes of kismet,

and man, that was fun for a while you bet but…

[chorus:] bikini girls with machine guns, bikini girls with machine guns, that stuff will kill ya, it’s loaded with fun, bikini girls with machine guns

well i savored many foriegn kinds of delicacies,

intoxicated til i can’t tell what the hell i could see,

had all the violence and liquor within close reach,

but all bars, pills and threeways lead me back to the beach and…

now they say that virtue is it’s own reward,

but when that surf comes in i’m gunna get my board,

got my own ideas about the righteous kick, you can keep the rewards, i’d just as soon stay sick”…


RIP lux…