sooo… I’m not saying my life is glamorous…

but IF I happen to be snuggled up in a comfy bathrobe, curled up on the sofa with a cup of warm coffee and a tiny dog…while a lovely pair of ladies model vintage fur coats on the internets for me, from a swanky antique store in Atlanta –

well I could see where you might jump to that conclusion…



photo by chris arnade


“She wears a long fur coat of mink
Even in the summer time
Everybody knows from the coy little wink
The girl’s got a lot on her mind

They made love and by the seventh wave
She knew she had a problem
She thought real love is real scary
Money only pays the rent
Love is forever
That’s all your life
Love is heaven sent
It’s glamorous

She wants to lead the Glamorous Life
She don’t need a man’s touch
She wants to lead the Glamorous Life
Without love
It ain’t much
It ain’t much”

~ Shelia E