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charity is more than a pornstar from the 80’s…on a recent sat. morning im working my way through my first quarter tax stuff….and i find a fairly large-ish amount allocated to Charitable Donations….while i do make chartiable donations….i generally remember them..and this one just wasnt ringing any bells with me… soo.. i pace… i scratch my head..and finally knowing its gonna bother me until i figure it out…and fearing another brush with id theft…i get in the car and head to the office… to look up the donation…

after a wee bit of investigating… i realized that my tax fella ….(who is older and obviously not that hip to the fashion scene) had assumed that all of my spending at TRUE RELIGION was charitable….

i giggled to myself…then said out loud…suck it uncle sam!!…

i mean seriously bitchez…the way these jeans make my ass look is totalllly charitable….


suck it uncle sam...and not in the pervy the sucky way

suck it uncle sam...and not in the pervy the sucky way


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