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so i had a dream last night…

i found a dead baby bird… but everyone i went to about it kept calling it a fossil…I insisted that we should bury it and would anyone help me but they all replied it was a fossil and should be dug up…

This morning I couldn’t shake my dream.. and –we humans are an odd lot… we do indeed feel it’s completely ok to desecrate graves merely because they have been there for a long time… Time seems so relative and what we consider a “long” time is not more than a moment in the universe. Don’t you think if aliens came to earth a took a look about they would think us silly for burying the dead and then a bit later digging them up and displaying them … not just humans but all sorts of dead…its quite trendy to have fossils in your countertops these days.

but then….in my dream… the dog got everyone’s attention – i don’t know how- and we all walked to brunch… on a patio…

soo… basically

DC in a nutshell…



Batman and Bride..

“be yourself, unless you can be batman…always be batman”
I love this cake…This DC bride doesn’t suck….