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Shopping the Net - the Friday the 13th & Valentine Edition
You are my Sunshine...
Full Disclosure: I haven’t always been a fan of Kate Spade. I had pretty much written her line off as designed for high school mean girls and interns.
but … recently I was really enchanted when I was in the shop…
Maybe its my pink hair, or the long winter making me appreciate the lightheartedness of the bright frocks, and baubles or…
maybe it was karma reminding me to
give everyone/thing a 2nd or 3rd  sometimes 4th chance.
So as I sit here with a cup of tea watching the snow fall…aggggaaain.
I will share a few of my Grannys words:
“sometimes … YOU have to be the sunshine you want in the world.”
          Maybe this lil collection of sunny items (most of which are on SALE) from
Kate Spade can help us all find our inner
sunshine & brighten our world a bit today.



i can see the sun for the first time in weeks…AND its hovering at 50 degrees outside… practically the tropics…  feels delicious… tomorrow the man says it will be gray and cold again… but for the moment im soaking it in…tomorrow ill go back to chasing winter blues off with a few of my favorite things…

1) Kate Spade clutch… cute right? and the clutch is half the price of a bag…i never got on the HUGE handbag bandwagon… i could pack for a long weekend in those purses….including tossing alice in there….

2) white dinner plates.. let the food be the star and change up your whole tablescape with just new salad plates….i got mine at west elm they were closing the store i got an even deeeper discount when i offered to buy out alllll of their stock …

3) fluffy white egyptian cotton towels (always available at TJMaxx) and a fluffy white robe…instant spa.. . also you can easily supplement if any fancy hotel towels accidentally follow you home (dont worry they are easier to keep clean you can toss a wee bit o bleach in the wash with ’em ….& you alll know i *heart* bleach!)

4) MAC Chill white eye shadow swept across the browbone…instant facelift

5) borrow grandmas pearls…they are never wrong but i especially love them in winter…the longer the strand the better the more of them the merrier…

6) while you are stealing err borrowing grandmas jewelry …grab your boyfriends white shirt…i dont care if you dont technically have a boyfriend…you know SOME boy…. grab his shirt and go all risky business… its sexy and comfortable..and trust me… those dont get thrown into the same sentence very often …take advantage

7) glam up everything with an enamal cuff … all the biggest designers have them … maybe your suit isnt chanel…your bracelet can be mcqueen… and they make a great gift…

8.) iphone cover… i dont leave home without my iphone… i can even use it to buy my coffee now…soo… this lil cover keeps it protected…without sacrificing that clean apple aesthetic… this one is from modcloth

9) flowers flowers flowers… i like white ones…and tulips were $5 a bunch in safeway yesterday…just do it…

10) organize organize organize… i use these boxes from ikea $5 for a set … i feel sooo much better when things are tidy… and…. its tooo cold to go outside anyway… stay in & spend the day with your junk drawer you’ll feel better for it…organization is sexy…so is being able to find the scotch tape/ibuprofen/flashlight when you need just saying