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Shopping the Net - the Friday the 13th & Valentine Edition
The British are Coming!

You are my Sunshine...
Full Disclosure: I haven’t always been a fan of Kate Spade. I had pretty much written her line off as designed for high school mean girls and interns.
but … recently I was really enchanted when I was in the shop…
Maybe its my pink hair, or the long winter making me appreciate the lightheartedness of the bright frocks, and baubles or…
maybe it was karma reminding me to
give everyone/thing a 2nd or 3rd  sometimes 4th chance.
So as I sit here with a cup of tea watching the snow fall…aggggaaain.
I will share a few of my Grannys words:
“sometimes … YOU have to be the sunshine you want in the world.”
          Maybe this lil collection of sunny items (most of which are on SALE) from
Kate Spade can help us all find our inner
sunshine & brighten our world a bit today.


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  • that time they gave me the key to the castle .... literally ... merry merry christmas from the highlands xoxo 1 month ago
  • RT @AmandaRTubbs: I really identify with the chefs in Lady and the Tramp because I too would set up an entire candlelit dinner for stray do… 4 months ago
  • ~I see friends shaking hands saying “how do you do?” they’re really saying “I love you” ~ .... xoxo 5 months ago
  • peace out nyc ... I didn’t vomit in you so i win ....xoxo 5 months ago